Casino-Gaming :: Lotteries and the Law of Attraction

Lottery players select their numbers employing a wide variety of methods. Some methods are based on logic and mathematical formulas and algorithms. Others provide modern age or occult 'sciences.' Some methods can border on wacky though the fact remains if there were a real sure fire way to select winning lottery numbers the planet would be stuffed with lottery millionaires. One of the stranger methods touted like a sure fire way to win the lottery will be the what are known as 'law of attraction.'

The law of attraction 's been around for approximately a century and a half. It first appeared inside the US in 1879. The law of attraction says that thoughts may influence events and chance. Throughout the years various hucksters have convinced many otherwise logical individuals who legislation of attraction is real. Insomniacs that are vulnerable to watching evening TV likely have seen infomercial huckster Kevin Trudeau hawking his own handle what the law states of attraction called 'your wish is that you simply command.' Is legislation of attraction real? Scientists decline but a majority of new agers believe that you are able to achieve great wealth by wishing it. The 2006 film called 'The Secret' prompted renewed interest in what the law states of attraction.

A recent article claims that lottery players can win those big jackpots by sheer belief which winning the lottery is not a matter of luck but of will and belief. The author claims that by reducing doubts and negative thoughts lottery players can grow their odds of winning a large jackpot. Once again, in the event it were so we could have thousands, if not millions, of big lottery winners. Television host Larry King has discussed what the law states of attraction on his show and remains critical. King stated, "If the Universe manifests abundance at a mere thought, exactly why is there so much poverty, starvation, and death?" 'Evidence' supporting what the law states of attraction is anecdotal at best and belief in legislation of attraction appears to be restricted to the gullible and also the hucksters that reap the benefits of them.

Lotteries are games of pure chance with out amount of belief changes the end result of the drawing. It has been shown repeatedly that a lot of winners of mega jackpot lotteries such as Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and other lotteries purchased the 'quick pick' option where the random number generator at the lottery terminal selects poker card layout the numbers. Since lotteries are games of chance everyone has just about the same chance of winning and no level of belief can change that fact.

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